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Public places smoke-free environment improved obviously

Date: 2015-12-04

Claims to be history's most severe "tobacco control" effect from June 1 this year has been for half a year.Yesterday, the city health development planning commission jointly, city by city health supervision NPHCC, Beijing association of tobacco, and other department released to the public for half a year to tobacco control effect the results of the survey.According to the unit of a total of more than hundreds of party and government organs lack of tobacco was ordered to rectification.To continue to strengthen law enforcement, since yesterday, the city carried out a month-long special tobacco control.
The results of the survey about hundred organ is unqualified
According to the city who the relevant person in charge of prisons, so far, the city's health supervision institutions in health supervision staff 61506 people, 30414 HuCi supervision and inspection, found unqualified units 4846 HuCi, 4782 HuCi shall be ordered to make correction.Who the prison department has 598 individuals for violating a "ban" fine of 30000 yuan, 217 units was administrative punishment for the rectification is not in place, a total of 540000 yuan.
Deputy director of the municipal health supervision by Wang Benjin revealed that in recent months, 429 health surveillance authorities to check the party and government organs, the 114 unit is unqualified, the unqualified units have been ordered rectification, including a receiving party ticket.
Tobacco and secretly Internet bar is still the work difficulty
Yesterday, the city NPHCC also announced to entrust a third party to carry out the "2015 Beijing smoking in public places and secretly" survey, survey, covering 608 institutions of 16 districts and counties.To the gym, railway stations, star hotel, KTV, office, Internet cafes and other ten kind of smoking in public places rated condition.
Public health institutions, health administrative departments, long-distance bus station, medical and health institutions to score 90 points in all.Other stadium in 86.9 points, railway station, 84.2 points, 80.3 points, KTV77.4 hotels, office buildings, 77.3 points, 64.1 points in Internet bar.Overall rating is divided into ten classes public 87.4 points.
In addition, the nine categories of public places (excluding office) of tobacco control practice comprehensive evaluation score of 88.53 points.From the point of districts and counties rankings, daxing district, chaoyang district, haidian district, fangshan district, and county scores are relatively high, mentougou district, tongzhou district, district and county of scores is relatively low.
Investigations found that change of KTV, office buildings, Internet cafes in the city is bigger, but is still a tobacco control difficulty, and includes to report complaints on smoking coverage rate is relatively low, Posting should step up the scope and coverage.
In addition, a recent China tobacco control association, 46, 441 public places in Beijing primary and secondary schools, 1200 public survey since the implementation of "CCDC" Beijing public places smoke-free environment improved significantly, the number of smokers, the quantity of cigarette butts are significantly reduced.Public awareness for the regulations from 43.43% to 82.64%.On smoking control satisfaction also increased significantly, from 42.26% to 81.3%.
Tobacco control law enforcement and rectification of a month
At the same time, the municipal public health supervision, the director said, the city will continue to keep high pressure situation about tobacco control.As the weather turns cold, smokers no-smoking zones has been increasing in public places.To this end, since yesterday, the city health supervision will be focusing on restaurants, bars and offices, carried out a month-long special tobacco control.
Also, reporters learned from Beijing association of tobacco control, since this year on August 21, the tobacco control volunteer team was established in Beijing, a total of more than 11000 people, recruit volunteers to better carry out activities, 16 districts and counties have set up a volunteer team.At present, the volunteer team continues to grow.
Reporter discovery, the previous registration within a time limit of tobacco control volunteer recruitment has become the norm.According to introducing, want to be volunteers about tobacco control is very simple, as long as a volunteer in Beijing website registration, become a tobacco control volunteers after approval.
S whom tobacco control
"Ban", city industrial and commercial bureau for a case of tobacco advertising behavior investigation without authorization 2 pieces, a fine of 11000 yuan.
City urban management bureau in law enforcement officials 12008 people, the standard throw cigarette butts staff 2103 people, told sermon personnel 3323 people.
Municipal tobacco monopoly bureau to carry out the market check 119 times, law enforcement officials 994 people, the demolition of 45 piece of tobacco advertising.(source: Beijing morning paper reporter: jing-jing xu)