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The city built 30 road "green zone"

Date: 2015-12-04

Without heavy flat peak time, drive at a constant speed on a main road, through every corner can magically catch up with the green light, don't rush to his "good luck, you may have been into the" green zone "section.Traffic administration through early to coordination, some sections of the adjacent intersections of lights can make traffic in the condition of continuous green light through the intersection.So far, the green wave intersection has been increased to 209 in the city, in article 30 main street, erhuanxi road to rings in the green waves, on average, 15% faster.
Effect: the green wave of at least 10% faster on the road
At 10 am, morning rush has receded, standing in the municipal traffic management bureau building 13th floor to the second ring road at GuanYuan bridge, west street from ping an uniform coming from the east to the west of the traffic flow, like a neat team, inexorably by several consecutive road.How so smooth?This is the "green wave band" the effect.Peace street (including the peace in the west street and west street, doors, a total of two roads) and is also a new complete traffic administration this year one of article 10 of the green wave band.
What is a "green zone"?Is more than a road adjacent intersection traffic signal coordination, can make the traffic in the condition of continuous green light through the intersection.As long as the vehicle moving at a constant speed, into the green wave band region for the first light green light, then it will be green light through continuous multiple crossroads.This state is from the previous car such as light into light, etc.Look from the driver's visual, in front of the green light is green waves rolling in, is so called "green zone".
10 when 30 points, bureau branch letter li police officer to drive with a journalist from peace avenue to Ann way, moving in the direction of GuanYuan bridge.It is 3.5 kilometers long road, a total of 11 crossing, meet with three red light, the entire five minutes and 51 seconds.Before optimization, according to estimates, green waves, through this stretch the average wait for 5 to 6 times a red light.After optimization, the passage of a section of time falling nearly two minutes, the average speed increased 5 kilometers per hour."Green wave band is not to say never touch on a red light, whether with uniform traffic is too large, an intersection has a certain relationship."Officer lee is introduced.
Outside and in the second section, the optimization effect is more obvious.
We have learned, since 2013, traffic administration gradually to the citywide article 30 of the main road 209 crossing the green wave signal coordination optimization.Among them, erhuanxi road 86 crossing the green waves, the average access time decreased by 8%, the average speed of 11%;Erhuanxi road 123 crossing to the rings of green waves, average access time reduced by 13%, the average speed of 15%, green wave band on the direction of the city traffic evacuation efficiency.
Rules: "green zone" opening in flat peak period only
A driver might ask, since the effect is so good, all roads are set to "green zone", don't go where are the green light?The answer is no.
Officer lee, green wave signal is very strict with the requirements of the road.First of all, the same direction at least two lanes, to guarantee the local train does not affect the express passage, turn left the vehicle does not affect the straight driving, an unimpeded passage can enjoy green wave efficiency;Second, adjacent intersections traffic similar to that of the downstream intersection has the ability to resolve the upstream flow;In addition, the intersection spacing can't be too long, 450 meters to 500 meters the best effect.
Similarly, the "green zone" is enabled during time nor in morning and evening rush hours, in case of vehicle queue, will cut off the "green zone".Therefore, only in the normal flat peak, unsaturated road vehicle open, can achieve the effect of a streamlined.In addition, the driver will keep moving at a constant speed within the prescribed speed speed, the speed is fast or slow, cannot fully enjoy convenient "green zone".
In order to guarantee the effect of "green zone", the time interval of intersection signal light changes accurate to seconds.Officer lee told reporters that during the debugging of lights, the key step is connected to the pair."Every other day will through the backstage system on a again, a second can't bad."Officer lee is introduced, the "green zone" intersection appears to be run automatically, actually there are many human security in the background behind the scenes.
Early: a crossroads after 30 times test
So, what exactly is a "green zone" of how to set up?Officer lee and his colleagues took journalists to beichengdong road for demonstration.Early, technicians have to calculate a reasonable interval, green wave speed and the light changes the key is needs to assess the scene over and over again.Debugging engineer opened the signal, the interval of two crossroads light changes set to 50 seconds, the result can only half of the traffic flow through two consecutive green, effect is not good enough.Officer lee let debuggers interval reduced to 40 seconds, also is to make the second green light 10 seconds ahead of time, the 85% of traffic to a through two traffic lights, achieve the smooth effect.
"Sihuan to ring road also dare 5 seconds to 10 seconds to add and subtract, on the roads within the dare not, easy to cause congestion, add and subtract only between 1 to 2 seconds."Lee said the police officer.Every set value, means that the testers have to drive into the traffic flow, around five or six laps experience effect.In beichengdong road 3.8 kilometers to the rings of the 4th ring road, a total of five traffic lights.Traffic administration conducted 6 green wave signal optimization, testers do 30 times before and after test.
Officer lee is introduced, through dynamic optimization and follow up adjustment, at present this stretch continuous green wave effect is very obvious.Assessed by the effect, after the basic sections can reach all meet the green light by, or only one red light can be through the whole road.The average speed of vehicles on the road can reach 40 kilometers per hour.(source: Beijing daily reporter: Sun Hongyang)